Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pine Tree

This is the best tree on our property. Okay, there are only three; one of them is the dying, trunk-only maple, the other is an overgrown dogwood. But this pine is quite nice, all things considered. I just want to limb it up a bit, so that we can create a garden area beneath it; we'll remove the lower branches up to maybe four or five feet from the ground. That way we'll be able to run our four-foot boundary fence around it since it's on the corner of our lot, and plant some things beneath it that would enjoy the pine-needled soil below the canopy: azealeas, blueberries.

World, don't punish me for writing this out loud, but this should be a fairly easy project. We're just going to get the Tree Dude to trim the branches and run them through his chipper-shredder. Easy-peasy.

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