Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pretty, pretty floors

... is the butt-ugly flooring in our house. Nasty old carpet that is never truly clean, and is an allergen-trapping, dog-hair-clogged nightmare. Also: very bland, peeling-up vinyl in the kitchen. But THIS:

... is what's beneath it. Anyone else seeing the possibilities here? For background, our house is almost a hundred years old, and for lack of any discernable style, it must be labeled a "cottage"; simple, sturdy and straightforward are the only way to go here. Fancy moldings or delicate detailing is all wrong. I see those pine floors refinished, glowing under some low-key wax finish, nail-marks, flaws and all. The kitchen is trickier. Because it seems to have been built at a different point in time, it doesn't have the same subfloor as the rest of the house (you know, the three other rooms), just plywood under the vinyl. There's almost no way we could match the existing eighty-year-old wood, or worth the effort to even try. Stone or tile would be too heavy for the foundation, not to mention too expensive for our poor budget. I'm thinking of maybe sticking with vinyl, but changing to a kitchy, black-and-white checkerboard pattern. It would fit the vintage of the house perfectly-- what's more 1920 than a checkered floor? (Something like this, just the floor part.) We could even investigate real linoleum instead of vinyl, see how much more that would cost. But, that's all a wintertime project; right now we're still working out-of-doors. So here's a picture of the chicken-coop-in-progress:

... and one of Don working on the windows. Ignore the red, plastic shutters; those are going to go as soon as we have time to build the real shutters. (You know, when everything more important than that has been finished...)

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Bex said...

I love wood floors. I've come to really dislike wall to wall carpeting. It's so hard to keep clean (cause you can't really move it) and you can't really change it easily. There's just something so warm looking and nice about wood flooring. That's going to look lovely.